Restoring Harmony
Between Faith and Reason

Inspired by the New Evangelization instituted by the late pontiff St. John Paul II, author, blogger, composer Francis J. Pierson integrates science, history, music, and faith - seasoned with a dash of theology – to create inviting entrées designed to bring everyday Christians into a closer, more intimate relationship with God.

To that end Mr. Pierson has published his latest book, Word Without End. This work is a reflection on the miraculous Incarnation of God as man and how that profound work in Salvation History can still be personally experienced at every Mass.

In addition, the author has created a blog which examines current cultural trends in the light of the Catholic faith. Abiding Truth ~ Dwelling Among Us is not your typical blog, rehashing Church or secular politics. waterfallRather it delves into those deeper, underlying issues which seem to be driving current events. This insightful "Man behind the Curtain" overview of modern society is more about causes than effects. You may not always agree with his analysis but your mind is sure to be stimulated by the thoughtful arguments set forth in Abiding Truth.

You may also be interested in his earlier books on the history and architecture of the lofty Centennial State.

Mr. Pierson has lately been cooperating closely with In Ipso (In Him), an apostolate of the dynamic speaker and spiritual director Peter Stur. After you have explored this Piersonworks site you may also want to visit the In Ipso website.

Visit my Blog at Abiding Truth – Dwelling Among Us